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Digital Marketing

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One to One Online Courses Brand Management (1-hour lecture, 5 weeks course)

A live online course, an opportunity to have a fashion industry expert totally dedicated to you. 
We want to offer you a personalized online course that  will be tailored to your needs and desires. 
All the materials are updated to the present state of the fashion industry and are based on study cases and real-life experiences so you can learn more than just the academic part of the business of fashion.
At the end of each session we will provide the video of the lecture for you to keep as well as the PowerPoint presentation.

How does it work?

Click and Buy a session or more. Immediately afterwards we will contact you to set the date and time of the video call as well to find out more information on the specific needs you have to fully take advantage of the time we will spend together. No more than 2 participants per session are allowed.

Digital Marketing 


Module 1

Customer Profile and Generating Value 

Module 2 

Paid Media and Owned Media

Module 3

Social Media and creating content for the different platforms 

Module 4

Designing a successful digital marketing campaign 

Module 5 

CRM (customer relations management) online
At the end of the course you will increase your knowledge of the main channels fashion brands  have to communicate with their customers digitally. You will also learn about the current trends in digital marketing and how to use the analytical tools available to better understand your customer and improve your digital campaigns.