International Fashion Consulting, for emerging fashion Designers or brands who are primarily located in emerging markets and are looking to internationalize their fashion business. Thanks to my in-depth experience and a key position in the European and American fashion market, I can offer diversified services in all categories: womenswear, menswear, accessories, home, and childrenswear, helping clients develop a competitive advantage in merchandising, buying, product development and brand management.

I offer consulting services for brand projects, case study development, lectures, seminars, coaching and training sessions, as well as a buying office for emerging markets. My services are designed to help brands and individuals to further develop their fashion business knowledge on product identity, brand management, brand communication, marketing and merchandising, to help them increase the efficiency and profitability of their brands.

My consulting services go beyond providing recommendations and solutions, focusing mostly on problem diagnosis and definition, in order to maximize the impact of the new strategy. At Martha J. Nieto Fashion Consulting Services, we focus on client learning and training so that eventually clients can feel confident diagnosing and solving problems themselves, improving their organizational effectiveness in the long run.

Finally, using my extensive international network in the fashion industry across USA, Europe, Latin America, China and India, I am able to adapt lectures, seminars or consulting projects according to clients’ needs, providing the right project consultant for each job.




One to One

Need a one to one consultation to evaluate your existing fashion business? Has a crisis hit your brand and need concrete steps to turn it around? Are you an individual looking to further develop your knowledge of the industry, but want a personalized service?

At MJN Consulting Services we specialize in providing our clients a comprehensive and tailored service by developing one to one sessions and courses to address your needs.


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