The pandemic has forced us to stop and look inside. It has also forced us to think how to reposition ourselves. This time has not only allowed me a good amount of personal reflection for myself, but also for my business. During the long lonely days of Milan’s lockdown, I kept thinking that all this had to be happening for a reason (I know it’s a bit cliche, but bear with me); sometimes dark days bring out the best in people. 

I decided to take the advantage to reset my priorities, not only personally (like becoming an  expert in cooking my favorite pasta dishes) but also at work. I took this time to enrich my knowledge, doing courses and workshops online, reading new books, painting, creating, and listening to different points of view. My objective was to reconnect with my true calling, and the ultimate goal to be able to provide all of you with a better service and with new products. The result was an explosion of ideas that are materializing in new projects that me and my team will be sharing with all of you soon. In the meantime, we want you to enjoy our new image and website so come and check it out!

For those who don’t know me, I am Martha J. Nieto, founder of the fashion consulting services company that carries my name. Our mission is to help emerging brands or brands in emerging markets to position themselves in the international arena. We only work with brands that bring their authenticity or social responsibility to the forefront, because we know that will help them achieve great international potential and appeal. We help these up and coming brands in various areas of their business such as design, product development, marketing, merchandising and sales to help them get to the next level. 

But we don’t stop there. We are committed to building a better fashion industry, one that is more inclusive, empathetic and that is socially conscious, and for that reason each one of our projects and strategic plans include these elements. If you decide to work with us, or use one of our services, you will live by our mantra: let’s build a fashion empire, and along the way, let's leave a positive mark in the world. 

Our passion for the industry combined with our international network and our experience in the international fashion arena will always guarantee our clients successful stories and positive results. 

So, come and check our services or simply come and say hi to us in one of our 30 min complimentary sessions. We want to hear you and understand you in order to give you the best tools to make your business grow in a sustainable and healthy way. 


Love and Stay safe, 

Martha J. Nieto and team